Nominations for the AIM Alumni Achievement Award (Triple A) are submitted to the respective country AIM alumni chapter not later than the last day of November of each year. All bona fide alumni of the Institute (MBM/MBA, MM, MDM, EMBA, ME, including graduates of a regular two-week program or such other programs as BMP, MDP, TMP, PDM and ABMP) may be nominated for the award.

The indicators to be evaluated include, among others, the following: the achievement of a significant professional accomplishment, contribution to the betterment of the managerial profession, contribution to the advancement of indigenous entrepreneurship or promotion of people’s empowerment and sustainable development, high degree of achievement of personal excellence, and a strong contribution to the upliftment of the less privileged members of society.

Each country chapter selects the best-qualified nominee and submits his/her accomplished nomination form to the FAIM Secretariat based in AIM, Philippines. The FAIM Board composed of all the country chapter heads, and selected AIM officials and alumni vote on the submitted nominees to determine who will be given the Award.

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