A visionary and hands-on executive, Dr. Antono has worked in multiple fields, from information technology, to car rental, to forestry. Her mastery of multiple fields is a testament to her adaptability and resilience in finding and creating solutions.

Initially employed by the Salim Group in 1983 as a computer systems analyst and later placed under a management training program, Dr. Antono was assigned to head PT Indomobil Utama and PT Indohero, the sole agency of Suzuki motorcycles and automobiles in Indonesia. It was during this time that her achievements in system development for the Suzuki group led her to obtain a scholarship from the Indomobil Group to study at Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines in 1988, from which she graduated as Master in Management in 1989.

Dr. Antono was soon promoted to General Manager of the Indomobil Group for her expertise in the development of computerized systems – not only for Suzuki, but for the entire automobile business sector. Owing to her experience at AIM, however, she was soon transferred to the business development team, where she oversaw three projects: PT Marvia Graha Motor, which dealt with car replica manufacturing, Indomobil America, a Mazda dealership in California, and PT Central Sumahi Motor (CSM), a company that dealt with used cars and car rentals – which soon became her sole focus.

Dr. Antono determined that, in its critical state, CSM would need to focus on a single aspect of its business. Getting approval from the Indomobil Group, CSM would focus solely on car rental for the next three years, which lowered risk and increased profitability. By the time she left CSM, the group had gone from a meager 50 vehicles to an impressive 5,000 car inventory.

Attaining her Ph.D from the University of New South Wales in 2005, Dr. Antono moved on to manage the social capital of APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited), including RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper), a forestry, pulp, and paper business group, with regards to the management of its 400,000 hectare plot of land filled with acacia trees, finding a compromise between good business and social issues to both maintain APRIL’s premium product and resolve social issues. She achieved great performance in obtaining support from stakeholders, including Parliament members, provincial authorities as well as local authorities.

Returning to the Salim group, Dr. Antono decided to get into the forestry business herself. She spearheaded the field surveys to find land banks for the PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk. (MASA) to find raw materials for the production of tires. Today, MASA holds licenses to operate a 127,025 hectare land bank, while simultaneously providing educational and job opportunities for those who were affected by the land bank.

For her work in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among her colleagues and students, and emphasizing talent development, Dr. Antono received the Contribution to HR Community Award from the Asia HRD Awards in 2013. As the Managing Director of PT Multistrada Agro International (MAI) and a member of the Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires (APHI), Dr. Antono continues to provide creative vision, skillful management, and impeccable leadership in all her endeavors.