Triple A Nomination Guidelines (2019-2020)


The Federation of Asian Institute of Management Alumni Associations Inc. (FAIM) pays tribute to a select group of members with excellent performance in various fields of professional or entrepreneurial through the TRIPLE A Award, which is given every year. The Triple A Awards is an alumni peer-recognition award given by FAIM, representing the AIM Alumni community.


The basic criterion for the Triple A Award are: Excellence and Capability Related to the Exercise of Profession.

The indicators to be evaluated include among others, the following:

1. At least one major significant professional achievement after graduation from the Asian Institute of Management.

a. Extent of effect of No. 1 above on the objectives of the organization/community, the respondent is connected with
b. Extent/degree of influence of No. 1 above to the respondent’s organization/community and public.

  • Quantitative measures
  • Qualitative measures

2. Contribution to the upliftment/ betterment of the managerial profession

a. Extent of recognition as an authority in a particular field
b. Published/unpublished literature

3. Contribution to the advancement of entrepreneurship

a. Mobilization of resources
b. Sustenance of entrepreneurial venture
c. Unique contribution to national economy

4. Degree of personal excellence achievement.

a. Contribution to business community, the voluntary sector, the NGO community, the government, or society in general (innovation considered under this point)
b. Leadership

5. Contribution to the upliftment of less privileged (poor) members of society.

a. Extent of contribution made
1) Quantitative measures
2) Qualitative measures

b. Contribution of AIM and betterment of AIM Alumni


1. An AIM alumnus who is convicted by final judgment in a criminal case may NOT be nominated for the award.

2. Similarly, an AIM alumnus who was judged in violation of the Corporation Code of the Philippines (or equivalent in other countries) committed within 5 years prior to the Triple A award nomination deadline for a given year may NOT be nominated for the award.

3. Being party to a civil case or even losing a civil case or being a respondent / defendant in a pending criminal case does not necessarily mean outright disqualification. However, further documentation will be necessary to ensure that the nominee will not negatively affect the image of AIM, the AIM Alumni network, and the Triple A Awards. In such case, the burden of proof is placed on the NOMINATOTRS / NOMINEE.

4. NOMINATORS will be required to attest that to the best of their knowledge, they believe the nominee(s) are free from derogatory records or situations that may place AIM, the AIM Alumni, or the Triple A Awards in a bad light.

5. AFTER a nominee is favorably assessed at the Chapter Screening level, the NOMINEE SHALL then be required to execute a personal disclosure statement that he /she does not have derogatory records or situations that may place AIM, the AIM Alumni, or the Triple Awards in a bad light. which shall form part of the REQUIRED documentation of the nominee.


1.Accomplished nomination form provided by the FAIM secretariat in PDF format.

2. Other Required Data include the following:

a. Three (3) references/endorsements, including highest supervisor/senior officer with their contact details, if applicable. Where not applicable, references/endorsements can be obtained from reputable sources not necessarily from the same company, enterprise or organization where the nominee works.
b. Curriculum Vitae of the nominee
c. Executive Summary /a short explanation of reasons for your choice.
d. Name, signature, contact details of nominator(s).

3. If after the AIM Alumni Chapter Screening processing, a nominee is assessed to be worthy of endorsement for the Triple A awards to the FAIM Screening Committee, the nominee will be required by the AIM Alumni Chapter endorsing said nominee, to execute a disclosure statement the format of which will be supplied by the FAIM Secretariat.

4. Aside from the aforementioned accomplished nomination forms (in PDF format), required data and disclosure statements, the Alumni Chapter will be required to submit five (5) hard copy sets of said nomination document (and other possible documentation / materials supportive of the chapter-endorsed nominee).


1. Only bona fide AIM alumni may nominate or be nominated for the Triple A award.

2. Individual nominations will be referred to the relevant AIM alumni chapter where the nominee is based. An alumni chapter endorsement will be essential for each individual nomination.

3. Nominations to the Triple A Award will be received by a special committee of the FAIM Chapter of each country for screening and if qualifications are affirmed, for eventual chapter endorsement / submission to the FAIM Secretariat on or before 5:00PM of October 30, 2019.

4. Nominations by AIM Alumni Chapters and individual nominations shall be addressed to:

Mr. Gregorio J. Atienza
The Secretary-General, Federation of AIM Alumni Associations Inc. (FAIM)
c/o Alumni Association of AIM
4th Floor, AIM Conference Center Manila
Jesus V. Del Rosario Foundation Building
Benavidez cor. Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City, 1260 Philippines

Triple A Procedural Guidelines 

Triple A Nomination Form