Every foray into the unknown needs a strong, calm leader, and for the Taiwanese pre-cast concrete industry, that man was Wei-Han Mo.

For Mr. Mo, it was never enough for one to simply perform – one must excel in whatever role they are given. Since 1998, Mr. Mo has been the leader of several projects –among them the THSRC BOT project competition under Continental Engineering Corporation, for whom Mr. Mo secured an enduring partnership with the German company Bilfinger Berger in 2000; project C270, which was a 730 million USD contract for the construction of a 42.8 kilometer viaduct; and the QDI Line 3 construction project, the largest thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal-display (TFT-LCD) factory ever built in Taiwan –in half the time requested by his clients.

The construction of the Innlux T2 LCD-TFT factory would be a significant milestone in Mr. Mo’s lifetime. The factory itself was a pre-cast construction composed of waffle slabs and reinforced concrete, and it was through Mr. Mo’s careful guidance that the project was completed. However, Mr. Mo was not content to simply use the technology – and so he began his foray into expanding, researching, and further developing the pre-cast construction method.

Today, Mr. Mo’s explorations in the realm of pre-cast construction have not only led to greater success, but also serve as an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. Ever the exemplar, Mr. Mo has also made contributions to society, not only through his better constructions, but also through programs such as the CCRA Taiwan Cycling Tour, which is a public welfare activity to raise funds for homes, as well as the Ai-Wei Mercy Home, a rehabilitation center for adults who need long-term disability care. With his discoveries and leadership, Mr. Mo has built a solid foundation not only for himself, but for his people.