With a calm demeanor and a steady hand, Dr. Sangkee Min weathered the worst storms of the late 1990s, guiding Korea into financial stability during the 1997-1998 crisis and the 2008 global recession–achievements which garnered him the Award for Lifetime Service in the Financial Industry from Maekyung Financial Daily in 2011, as well as the highest honor that the Korean government can bestow upon a citizen: the Order of Civil Merit in 2016.

A man of both remarkable foresight and decisive action, Dr. Min’s work in both the practical and academic fields helped Korea in its turnaround from financial meltdown. As a member of the Public Funds Oversight Committee beginning 1997, and as a chairman from 2009-2011, Dr. Min’s watchful eye and prudent hand brought Korea back to safe waters through the committee’s power of providing funds to financial institutions, the relief of toxic assets, and the privatization of previously nationalized firms. The public funds entrusted to the Committee amounted to US$ 150 Billion during the 1997 – 1998 financial crisis and US$60 Billion during the 2008 global financial meltdown.

Dr Min’s research into international financial issues and their impact on Korea continues even today. As Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University, Korea’s most illustrious academic institution, Dr. Min not only looks at the larger scale of things, but also conducts research into practicable programs of finance, enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

He is currently Chairman of the Seoul Investment Banking Forum and Chairman of Seoul Financial Forum. As the National Chairman of All Cooperative Associations of Korea, Dr. Min looks after the productivity, inclusive growth and welfare of all types of cooperatives and their constituents, such as livestock farmer coops, vegetable farmers coops, and credit cooperatives. He is not only adept at the corporate and macro finance side, but likewise adept in the micro levels of development and entrepreneurship. With all that he has done, and will continue to do, Dr. Sangkee Min can be said to truly be a steward of his people.