His Honorable Datuk Rozman Datuk Haji Isli has been a shareholder and director of his own companies before he became a Member of Parliament in 2013. As a director, shareholder, and owner of family owned-businesses for 19 years, he developed policies and strategies that unearthed talents, developed skills and promoted indigenous Bumiputera employees who possess the right skills and qualifications to the fore of his companies’ hierarchies.

He played an active role in NGO’s to bring people closer to the government and also to uplift the living standards of the poor. In 2013, Datuk Rozman set up a Community Development Centre to collate information and create a database on underprivileged people to channel and distribute assistance from the Office of the Member of Parliament, to manage the YPL-Tan Sri Harris Transit House, to assist in organizing and promoting certain programs by the office of the Member of Parliament and by Labuan Development Foundation, and to organize and promote programs to uplift the livelihood of the people of Labuan regardless of creed, faith and social background.

In 2014, Datuk Rozman founded the Labuan Education Foundation, which is now the Labuan Development Foundation. He is instrumental in developing Labuan, making it an important offshore financial centre in the region. He works closely between the Malaysian government and Labuan to further enhance Labuan’s position as a financial and business centre.

Datuk Rozman has contributed greatly to the business environment and the community both locally and internationally.