Rabboni Francis Arjonillo is the president of First Metro Investment Corporation, the largest investment bank in the Philippines and a member of the Metrobank Group, the second largest bank in the country. He has been with the company for eight months, six of which as Chief Executive Officer.

His previous assignment was with LankBank of the Philippines, the biggest government bank in the country, where he was Executive Vice-President for the Treasury and Investment Banking Sector.

Arjonillo left a mark in all the institutions that he became a part of, from record revenues to instituting key innovations and improvements in the organization’s systems, processes, and even culture.

When he was with LandBank, the Treasury and Investment Banking Business Sector established new records for revenues and became the biggest earner for the Bank in 2013. Citibank Australia also benefitted from his correct views of the market, successfully turning a losing position around through bold moves at hedging, in the process earning millions of USD for the franchise.

In a matter of days upon joining First Metro, he discontinued a losing trading position that, had it been allowed to run its full course, would have swelled by the end of 2015, increasing the company’s losses. Currently, he is rationalizing the current business and forecasts at least a hundred percent surge in net income year-on-year despite the uncooperative markets and a wait-and-see mode among issuers in the debt and equity capital markets.