Pi-Chuan Chen is the President of Powertec Energy Corporation. 

Powertec Energy Corp. is the only manufacturer of extra high purity poly-silicon for the solar power industry.  The government of Taiwan strongly promotes the use of solar power for environmental protection and nuclear power supply elimination. The new president Tsai Ing-wen announced her policy of installing 20G solar power up to the year 2025. With this announcement, the solar industry will become a trillion revenue business in Taiwan in the coming years. The President of Taiwan visited Powertec’s plant on February 26 and acknowledged the contribution of Powertec in the solar industry.

As president of this new firm, Pi-Chuan Chen has to rectify the organization structure, build up the operation system and regulations, and train people by directing corporate value and strategies for the business.

Before becoming president of Powertec Energy Corporation, Mr. Pi-Chuan Chen, or PC Chen, he worked for CTCI Corporation from 1974 to 2014. CTCI Corporation is the largest engineering, procurement, and construction company in Taiwan and is the parent company of CTCI Group, which owns 42 business affiliates and 7,458 employees worldwide. CTCI earned around 1.9 billion US Dollars in revenue in 2014, and was ranked No. 103 of the top 200 international design firms and No. 122 of the top 225 international contractors in the 2015 Engineering News Record Magazine Ranking.