Achmad Baiquni is the President Director of the Indonesian State Bank PT Bank Negara Indonesia.

He started his career as Director of Bank Negara Indonesia in 2003. At that time, he was appointed as a Director for Lending Business, included for the segmentation of Consumer, Corporate, and Small & Medium and Sharia Business. In March 2010, he was assigned as the Director of Finance at Bank Rakyat Indonesia where he worked until March 2015.

In March 2015, he was appointed as President Director of BNI. In his leadership, he manages BNI as a State-Owned Bank with the goal of providing services to the government, the Indonesian people, and the global community as well as to maximize BNI’s profits.

As President Director of BNI, Mr. Achmad Baiquni puts emphasis on productive lending products to support government acceleration by motivating corporate sectors to support the acceleration of infrastructures development and motivating small and medium enterprises to support maritime lending and people business lending. To support entrepreneurs, Mr. Achmad Baiquni cut down BNI’s investment permission processing to three hours by integrating BNI’s products and services.

Mr. Achmad Baiquni’s unique contribution to Indonesia is preparing BNI’s business towards the ASEAN Economic Community.