Ignacio B. Gimenez exemplifies the graduate of the Master in Business Management who ventured into successful entrepreneurship rather than senior executives, presidents or CEOs.Gimenez is one of the rare breed of alumni whose entrepreneurial instincts, combined with lessons learned at AIM, has enabled him to establish multiple businesses spanning over 40 years of success.

After his graduation at AIM, Gimenez accepted a position at Tai Ping Rugs and Carpets in Makati as assistant to the general manager. He quickly rose from the ranks and was promptly promoted to vice president and general manager, handling operations, finance and marketing.

His first foray into entrepreneurship was a snack bar at the Manila International Airport in 1973. With his hands-on management style, Gimenez was financier, human resource manager, purchaser, inventory controller and operations manager. Other outlets soon followed and after 40 years, he continues to maintain snack stations and restaurants in NAIA 2 and 3 among many others.

The number and scope of companies which he personally established eventually is exemplary. He has businesses in his name spanning nine industries: Food (18 outlets with NAIA 1 Snack Bar as the oldest establishment at 39 years); Securities (I.B. Gimenez Securities, Inc.); Malls (New Galleria Baclaran Mall, LRT North Mall, I-Grand Merchants); Publishing and Printing (Buy and Sell, five magazines and Topmost Printing); Health Services (Drugcheck, CorpMed); Hotels (Sogo ,Eurotel, Astrotel, and Icon Hotel); Construction (two companies); Property Development (Eurotowers International, Inc.) and a foundation (Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc).

Gimenez’s business involvement has also propelled him up the corporate ladder. Some of his current positions include chairman and president of Philequity Fund, Inc., Philequity Peso Bund Fund, Philequity Dollar Income Fund and Philequity PSE Index Fund; president of I.B. Gimenez Securities, Inc; president of the Investment Company Association of the Philippines (ICAP); president of Buy & Sell Free Ads Publishing; director of Vantage Equities, Inc, eBusiness Services, Inc, and Yehey Corporation. He was formerly president and chairman of the Manila Stock Exchange (1981-1984).

In September 2013, Philequity Fund Inc was recognized by the Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA) as top performer in the Equity fund category. In 2008, Gimenez also received a special recognition from the Philippine Stock Exchange for the Active Investor Education Programs of I.B. Gimenez Securities in 2008. He was also recognized by the International Investment Fund Association during its 10th Asia Oceania Regional Meeting in 2005.

Gimenez believes that those who receive much in life have a responsibility to give back. He continuously makes a difference in the lives of his fellowmen by providing help and employment for the marginalized sector of society. Indeed, Gimenez exemplifies an unorthodox entrepreneur and even 44 years after graduating from AIM, his enthusiasm for creating new ventures remains high.