Ramon G. Opulencia (MBM ’83) is a driven man.  After leaving the halls of AIM as a Master in Business Management, he intently and actively proceeded to pursue his life’s work.  He persisted in winning his career goals over the last 30 years post-AIM to emerge on top.

Leveraging on the mental acuity and thought discipline honed as an engineer during his university years, he approached each challenge with a questioning attitude of why and how to arrive at the best possible strategy and process.  This questioning attitude brought Opulencia to imbue each task with his own brand of change – new ways to enhance the performance and efficiency of anything, whether it be the structuring of a debt or equity offering, or negotiating with syndicate or club partners, or even looking at better, more effective ways of saying things and communicating his thoughts.

After AIM and Harvard where he took the Advanced Management Program in 2005, Opulencia has since grown from strength to strength in the Philippine capital market, finally being recognized as a known innovator of league offerings and award-winning deals.  His peers in the region took cognizance of his abilities and oftentimes accorded him awards as his deals for Ayala were significantly noticed by international investors and market movers.

In addition to his awards published in the region’s league tables, Opulencia is Managing Director & Treasurer of Ayala Corporation; Director of BPI Family Savings Bank; and has since 1995 occupied Treasurer and Investment Officer positions in many Ayala subsidiaries.  At present, he serves as president of AYC Finance Limited and as Treasurer of Ayala Foundation and AYC Holdings, respectively. In 2012, Opulencia was elected president of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) and currently serves as Chairman of the FINEX Research and Development Foundation, Inc.

Ayala Corporation Chairman and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II describes Opulencia as “exceptionally talented and a committed senior member of the Ayala Group executive team who has applied himself fully to strengthening his role as a Finance professional”. Metrobank Chairman Arthur Ty regards Opulencia as the “face of Ayala Corporation to banks”.  Hongkong Bank President and CEO Wick Veloso resonates Opulencia’s innate mentoring skills:  “Over and above his work for the Ayala Corporation, Mon has always tried to share best practices to his counterparts in his affiliated firms, as well as the broader industry.”

Not forgetting his roots, Opulencia is an active partner of AIM in furthering the professional development of industry practitioners; for example, he encourages his Treasury people to consistently attend AIM’s seminar offerings and development workshops.  He is also open to qualified AIM senior graduating students as well as MBM candidates undergo on-the-job training with Ayala or other corporates.  During his tour of duty as FINEX president, Opulencia enhanced the financial institute’s partnership with AIM to be the key provider of qualifying questions in the Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition, a major project under the Junior FINEX program that aims to build and nurture the youth for leadership.