Ravi Prasad, as the Executive Chairman of The Himalaya Drug Company, epitomizes the spirit and values of AIM. Joining as the Sales Development Manager, in less than 7 years, he rose to become the President and CEO, growing further to become Executive Chairman as he is now. Under Ravi’s leadership, Himalaya has grown at annual compound growth rate of 35% per year in the past five years, while the industry growth is between 15-19%. The Company’s turnover has multiplied 12 times under Ravi’s leadership.

Ravi’s leadership has transformed The Himalaya Drug Company – a boutique company in a difficult product space – in to a dynamic, multiproduct, global leader within a span of less than 2 decades. Himalaya is today an established brand with over 160 products including 66 in pharma, 63 in personal care, 9 in baby care and 22 in animal care, manufacturing from 43 factories in India, Syria and Dubai.

He has led Himalaya to be an exemplary corporate citizen by focusing and contributing to the community in a very fundamental way. Ravi has integrated community development and environment protection into the business model through Himalaya’s contract farming initiative that reaches out to small and marginal farmers, especially women farmers, across India. Himalaya focuses on small farmers as against large farmers and collectively these farmers generate 40% of Himalaya’s raw material requirement.

Under Ravi’s leadership, Himalaya works with prisons to help create employment opportunities for prisoners to reform and rehabilitate them. Ravi Prasad has helped build Himalaya’s solid foundation and has helped grow the company by addressing the fundamentals and helping to build a great business.

Building the Himalaya brand globally, competing against the deep pocketed Multinational corporations, Ravi re-started the International business in Himalaya and created market leadership for several Himalaya products in global market. Today Himalaya has presence in 80 countries and International operations contribute 40% of the company’s overall revenues. His and the company’s achievements have been widely covered by the media – both international and national – including BBC in their “Asian Innovators” program.