After graduating from AIM in 1972, Gabriel Paredes spent the next 20 years in the textile industry. Then from 1992 to 1995, he joined Andok’s Litson Corporation as EVP-COO and oversaw its expansion with sales almost quadrupling from P 200 million to P 750 million during his stint.

But his most significant professional achievement was when his entrepreneurial spirit emerged, and transforming from employee to entrepreneur, he decided to takeover and buy out the company he was working for, Radio Communications of the Philippines, Inc. (RCPI). As the former head of the Lopez group company, he transformed and energized the company, shifting its main core business from telegraphy and telephony, to inward remittances services. In 2005, he organized Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) with product lines ranging from Western Union Money Transfer and value added services comprised of airline and sea line ticketing, bills payment and cell phone top-ups.

From 2002 to 2009, USSC accounted for $ 6.8 billion worth of inbound international remittance, a significant amount of capital that helps sustain the country’s economy from its OFW workers. For 2010, USSC is poised to contribute more than PHP 1 billion in ticket sales to the air travel and sea travel industry making it one of the biggest ticketing agents in the country.

Paredes also matches his management excellence with generosity and compassion in taking his company’s social responsibility seriously and with a passion demanded by excellence in both aspects of corporate life.