Ahmad Mohammad Magad graduated in 1974 from Fachhochschule Aalen in Germany with a degree in Optical Engineering. Following stints with the Economic Development Board and another company, he became one of the prime movers and investors behind the formation of a joint venture, in 1989, with II-VI Incorporated, a United States Company in the industrial optics industry. He became its first Managing Director, a position he holds to this date. Over the next 10 years he grew the company’s revenues to the current SGD 42 million, which represents about 25% of total worldwide Group turnover of the II-VI group. More importantly, he has been able to report profits in every year after the start up year (1989), and has recently (in 1996) set up a subsidiary operation based in Suzhou City in China.

Apart from corporate financial success, II-VI Singapore obtained ISO 9000 certification in 2000, and won the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s Safety Performance Awards in both 2000 and 2001. It has also recently been admitted to the Singapore Quality Class, a benchmark of performance excellence in Singapore.

Outside of business activities, Ahmad has been very active with community work. He was a co-founder and chairman of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) from 1993 to 1996 during which period about 18,000 Malay/Muslim Individuals is estimated to have been beneficiaries of the AMP programs for that community. He also raised more than SGD200,000 for community upliftment projects as a member of the Malay/Muslim KBE committee. Proving that his work cuts across communities and religion, he is an advisor to the Metta Students Care Centre (a Buddhist organization) in his parliamentary constituency and advises various grassroots organizations in the community.

In 1997 Ahmad was tapped by the People’s Action Party to become its candidate in the Pasir Ris/Ponggol GRC and was elected as a Member of Parliament. He was re-elected in 2000 and is currently serving his second term as a Member of Parliament where he also sits as Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Manpower and sits as a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Transport.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (now SPRING Singapore) since 1995 and is also President of the Singapore Productivity Association since 1999. He has been a member of the Board of Governors of the Institute of Technical Education since 1994 and has been its Deputy Chairman since April 2001. He has sat on the Board of Directors of the Public Utilities Board since 1997, and the Energy Market Authority since April 2001.

Ahmad joins a number of other Singaporeans who have been recognised with the Triple A from AIM. These include Koh Choon Hui, the Chairman of Roche Pharmaceuticals and the Children’s Society; and Foo Kok Swee, Singapore’s Ambassador to Ghana and Slovenia.