Triple A 2019

In simple but elegant ceremonies held last February 21, 2019 at the AIM Stephen Fuller Hall, eight outstanding alumni were selected to receive the AIM Alumni Achievement Award or the Triple A. The eight alumni awardees include Gen. Tan Sri Zulkifli Haji Zainal Abidin, MM 1998 (Malaysia), Dr. Kartika Dianningsih Antono, MM 1989 (Indonesia), Mr.  Shih-Chi Chang, MM 1993 (Taiwan), Mr. Raul Anthony D. Concepcion, EMBA 2001 (Philippines), Mr. Jose Ma. K. Lim, MBM 1978 (Philippines), Mr. Jose P. Magsaysay, Jr. , ME 2001 (Philippines), Mr. Roberto G. Manabat, MBM 1974 (Philippines), and Mr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, MBM 1976 (India).

The AIM Alumni Achievement Award, or Triple A, is the most prestigious recognition bestowed upon graduates who have shown exceptional performance in their professional, entrepreneurial, or developmental endeavors. AIM and the Federation of AIM Alumni Associations or FAIM, representing 31 active AIM alumni chapters in 14 countries, pay tribute to these extraordinary alumni leaders through the Triple A.

Gen. Tan Sri Zulkifli Haji Zainal Abidin, MM 1998 (Malaysia)

General Tan Sri Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, MM1998 is the Chief of Defense Forces, Malaysia. A graduate of the Royal Military College at Port Dickson before coming to AIM, General Zul is an expert in tactical weapons and insurgency. He has had many years of experience both on and off the field – as Senior Instructor in the New Zealand Army Infantry School, and as Commander at the Malaysian Army Infantry Training Center. For his consummate professionalism and never-ending drive to improve both himself and those he leads, General Zul, as Chief of Defence Forces, as Army Commander, and as a teacher has made extraordinary contributions to his nation and to humanity.

Dr. Kartika Dianningsih Antono, MM 1989 (Indonesia)

A visionary and hands-on executive, Dr. Kartika has worked in multiple fields, from information technology, to car rental, to forestry. Her mastery of multiple fields is a testament to her adaptability and resilience in finding and creating solutions. As the Managing Director of PT Multistrada Agro International (MAI) and a member of the Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires (APHI), she continues to provide creative vision, skillful management, and impeccable leadership in all her endeavors.

Mr.  Shih-Chi Chang, MM 1993 (Taiwan)

In his more than three decades in the construction industry, Mr. Shih-Chi “David” Chang, MM 1993 has long exemplified a determined commitment to the betterment of the institutions he has been connected with. Acclaimed by his colleagues for being hard-working yet adaptable, David’s unique brand of humble, dedicated service is a shining beacon of a leader who leads by example.

Raul Anthony D. Concepcion, EMBA 2001 (Philippines)

Raul likens his experience to the battle between David and Goliath. Finding strength in weakness, he has demonstrated that working on a blue ocean strategy can make his company succeed despite the difficulties in the local manufacturing sector.  When he joined the family business in 2004, the company’s refrigerator business was struggling to survive. Using the Philippine market as an advantage, he used consumer insights to study the needs of households and small businesses around the country.

His creativity and innovation propelled Condura to become the number one refrigerator brand in the country. As of year-end 2017, his company was able to increase sales from 560 million in 2007 to 3.9 billion, and profit after tax from 6.1 million to 353 million. The remarkable success of Condura catapulted his company to the peak of Philippine refrigerator companies and awarded him the Business World Award for Excellence and an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist nomination in 2011.

Jose Ma. K. Lim, MBM 1978 (Philippines)

As president and CEO of the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation for the last 12 years, Joey has steered the company’s growth and expansion in a plethora of fields – power generation and distribution, potable water supply and sewage treatment, toll roads, healthcare, light rail, and logistics.

He introduced corporate social responsibility to the company and established the Shore It Up project to help rescue, restore and revive coastal and marine ecosystems. Since its inception, SIU has tapped 70,000 volunteers, and has partnered with 292 local and national government agencies, community organizations, companies, and private entities who share the same passion for Mother Nature. In 2013 alone, the project was able to clean a coastline totaling to 328 kilometers and was able to protect some 5,000 hectares of mangroves in Siargao Island.

His astute business acumen and managerial experience propelled the company’s development further, earning him prestigious recognition such as Best CEO, Best Corporate Governance, Environmental Excellence, and Investor Relations from distinguished organizations such as Finance Asia, Corporate Governance Asia, Institutional Investor, IR Magazine, Asia Money, and The Asset Magazine.

Jose P. Magsaysay, Jr. , ME 2001 (Philippines)

From a humble dream of starting a food cart business that would help provide for his growing family, our fellow alumnus’ business savvy saw that ambition grow into a multi-million “Potato Corner” franchise which inspires millions of Filipinos today. By opening their doors to franchising early in 1994, the company was rewarded with rapid growth, with 70 stores increasing to 120 stores by 1997.

In 1999, Joe decided to seek more opportunities for growth and became General Manager of Mister Donut where he brought exponential growth in two years- from 250 stores to 800 in 2001. After graduating with a Master in Entrepreneurship degree from AIM, he decided to refocus and dedicated himself to developing a five-year multi-business plan for Potato Corner, and he was once again asked to lead the now ailing company back to success.

Under his leadership, the five-year plan blossomed, and Potato Corner experienced unprecedented success, with the return of franchises in 2002, the establishment of the first Potato Corner abroad in Indonesia in 2006, eventually opening more stores in the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Panama. In recognition of his achievements, has received numerous awards for his unique brand of leadership – the Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Award in 2003, the MVP Bossing Award in 2010 and the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

Roberto G. Manabat, MBM 1974 (Philippines)

Robert started his career with SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co where he stayed for thirty years, eventually becoming Management Committee member, Audit Group Head, and Insurance Industry Practice Head.

He also served the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for three years as its first General Accountant where he led the rollout of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for adoption in the Philippines. He also started the accreditation process of auditors for listed companies accredited by the SEC. He initiated the reviews of the financial statements filed by listed companies and issued comments on deficiencies noted to the companies and their auditors. The quality of the accounting profession in the country was greatly enhanced by these initiatives.

Robert has earned the gratitude and recognition of his peers – he has won the 2018 Outstanding Professional of the Year in Accounting in 2018, the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the UE Alumni Association in 2013, and the Outstanding Certified Public Accountant in Government Service from the Philippine Institute of CPAs in 2005. His expertise has also led to several invitations to teach and lead, and he was granted the title Doctor-Fellow by the Royal Institution of Singapore in 2018, as acknowledgement of his contributions, experience, and achievements.

Mahendra Pratap Singh, MBM 1976 (India)

MP completed his MBM in 1976. His colorful and distinguished career spans for decades. As manager of sales development for Asiatic Oxygen Ltd., he was able to achieve a 150% growth rate in annual sales.

He moved to the Otis Elevator Company India Ltd. in 1980, where he was assigned as Kolkata’s regional manager. In spite of the danger of the hostile environment he was put in due to the entrenched, 2000-strong trade union, who were virtually in control, MP still opted for cooperation rather than confrontation. Careful and difficult diplomacy with the union’s leaders eventually gave way to respect, and the Kolkata branch made a full turnaround from being the worst branch office to the best, with maximum customer satisfaction for the next six years.

He was hand-picked by the Otis group to become the first Indian to be sent to the United States for a year-long orientation program in Otis USA’s best management practices in both factory and field operations.

A policeman before he entered AIM, MP has helped improve the lives of children and women in his native India. He has made efforts to assist the poor of Mumbai with free education, meals, and women empowerment programs for more than 5000 girls and women.

AIM Chairman, Peter Garrucho, AIM President and Dean Jikyeong Kang, and FAIM Chairperson Nguyen Thi Thuan awarded the Triple A medal and trophy to the winners. FAIM Secretary General Greg Atienza was the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

With the proclamation of the eight awardees during the Triple A and Alumni Recognition Ceremony, AIM now has a total of 146 Alumni Achievement Awardees out of more than 40,000 alumni from around the world.

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