Taiwan Alumni support Five-Dollar Campaign

The AIM Taiwan Alumni Chapter at their annual dinner (from left, front row) Yang, Tsau-Tang (MM ’94), Jackson, C. H. Tseng (MM ’94), Ramon B. Pascual, Chen, Pi-Chuan (MM ’95), Hsiao, Ching-Kuo (MM ’90), Lee, Tien-Cheng (MBM ’73), Robert Wang (MM ’79). (Back row) David Chang (MM ’93), Tony Chien (MM ’79), Chang, Tzy-Hao (MM ’97), Wang, Kee-Harn (MM ’89), Hsu, Han-Chuan (MM ’91), Fu, Shih-Choib (MBM ’89), Mo, Wei-Han (MM ’91), Jo-Yun and David Chang (MM ’90).

During the annual dinner of the AIM Taiwan Alumni Chapter back in February, chapter president PC Chen presided over a discussion about the Taiwanese alumni’s participation in the USD 5 campaign. The bank account for receiving donations stayed open only until May 2018.

The campaign is a symbolic coming together of alumni to celebrate the 50th year the Asian Institute of Management has provided relevant, world-class management education to the region’s brightest minds.

The objective of the drive is to get as many alumni as possible to donate, at least, USD 5 monthly to the 50th anniversary fund, called “Road to 50 and Beyond”. While the amount is small, the demonstration of alumni solidarity is of great importance in marking this milestone of the Institute.

Over dinner, the Taiwanese alumni responded with resounding support to PC’s call for participation in the campaign. It was agreed that PC would open a bank account where the alumni could individually deposit their donations. The donations were then promptly remitted to AIM.

The 27 alumni donors unanimously agreed to give AIM President and Dean Jikyeong Kang discretionary control over the use of the funds for the Institute’s initiatives during its golden anniversary. According to PC, “We are comforted by the total number of donors, which demonstrates that most alumni still care about the status and future development of AIM.” The donors were as follows:

  • David Chang, MM ’93
  • Fu Shih-Choib, MBM ’89
  • Ho Ching-Zang Richard, MBM ’73
  • Mo Wei-Han, MM ’91
  • Wang Kee-Harn, MM ’89
  • Yang Tsau-Tang, MM ’94
  • Lee Tien-Cheng, MBM ’73
  • Tony Chien, MM ’79
  • Liu Sheng, MM ’90
  • Tseng Yen-Huang, MBM ’87
  • Chen Pi-Chuan, MM ’95
  • Hsiao Ching-Kuo, MM ’90
  • Don Chen, BMP ’90
  • David Jo-Yun Chang, MM ’90
  • Jacinta Meng, MBM ’85
  • Wu Ming-Chien, MM ’90
  • Lin Ming-Ching, MBM ’89
  • Byron Lin, MBM ’94
  • Lee Shun-Hai, MBM ’75
  • Chen Chao-Hsien, MM ’86
  • Lai Chiu-Chih, MBM ’75
  • Russell Ho, MBM ’81
  • Chang Tzy-Hao, MM ’97
  • Mike T. C. Wang, MM ’97
  • Shawn H. Y. Chen, MM ’94
  • Hsu Han-Chuan, MM ’91
  • Yeh Wen-Kai, MBM ’76
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