A giant in the media industry, Ruperto Nicdao’s passion for his work and continuous drive to improve not only himself but also broadcasters and journalists makes him a prime example of a responsible, conscientious servant-leader.

Graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Mathematics under De La Salle University’s Accelerated Honors Program and from AIM’s MBM class 1977, Mr. Nicdao could have used the advantages given to him to propel himself leagues above his peers. Instead, he focused his efforts outward, using them to improve the quality of broadcast practitioners by helping institutionalize the regular training of journalists or sending them to higher education.

A veritable polymath, Mr. Nicdao’s managerial expertise has led to him earning a reputation as a seasoned executive. Apart from the media, Mr. Nicdao also holds positions in real property, hotel and tourism, agri-business, and educational management industries. He has worked with the Elizalde Group, Central Azucarera de la Carlota, Central Azucarera del Pilar, Philippine International Corporation, Northern Capiz Agro Industrial Corporation, Sugar Philippines, Inc., and Kalayaan Publishing Company, Inc., to name a few.

A member of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) since 1988, Mr. Nicdao has made the uplifting of the media industry his main concern. As president and CEO of the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) by virtue of being associated with KBP, Mr. Nicdao helped turn around many of its ailing businesses during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998 and the politically unstable climate of 2001. By adopting a greater scope through different business strategies and championing a multimedia approach, Mr. Nicdao grew MBC from 9 stations to its current 200 stations. Thanks to Mr. Nicdao, the MBC’s channels, such as DZRH, DZRH News Television, Love Radio, Yes FM, and Easy Rock, have grown into robust entities with a life and soul of their own.

Due to his reputation for integrity and transparency, Mr. Nicdao was able to persuade the Philippine Association of National Advertisers and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies to band together to bring some much-needed professionalism and a set of standards to the advertising industry by forming the Ad Standards Council. Guided by the advocacy of truth in advertising, the Ad Standards Council has become the unifying body that ensures the authenticity of advertising claims, ensuring that they are true, correct, and proper.

Mr. Nicdao’s positions of power in both the KBP and the MBC have led to him becoming a spotlight figure, a situation that he leverages to uphold the truth and the public good. With a good, honest, and trustworthy man captaining one of the Philippines’ largest media conglomerates, and in an industry that is particularly sensitive to reputational issues, Mr. Nicdao has made his mark on the Philippine media industry for many, many years to come.