Pune Alumni Get-together

The AIM Alumni Association of India (AIM AAI) recently held an Alumni get-together on January 12, 2019 in Pune.

The AIM AAI shared: “We had 15+ registrations for the event, and this included participation from a wide spectrum of batches, from the mid-80’s right until the last batch of 2018. It was great to see such an enthusiastic turnout of AIMers. The enthusiasm, camaraderie and bonding at the get-together was also truly commendable.

Thanks to all those present at the get-together. Special thanks to all the alumni who travelled from the other cities to attend the event and also thanks for Alumnus Mr. Ashwani Rathore for organizing the event and all the others who worked behind the scenes to organize the event.

Looking forward to have the same enthusiasm in the future events, too.”

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