Completing his Master in Business Management in 1976, M.P Singh’s colorful and distinguished career spans the course of four decades.

He began by joining Asiatic Oxygen Ltd. as manager of sales development, where his AIM training shone when he guided the company to a 150% growth rate in annual sales. Following this, he moved to the Otis Elevator Company India Ltd. in 1980, where he was assigned as Kolkata’s regional manager, which was of special interest to the company as it had a reputation for being one of the most uncontrollable and difficult branch offices to manage due to the entrenched, 2000-strong trade union, who were virtually in control, often dictating their terms to the management using force.

Mr. Singh was given special instructions from the Otis head office to either reform the Kolkata branch, or to rein them in. In spite of the danger of the incredibly hostile environment he was put in, M.P still opted for cooperation rather than confrontation. He began by setting himself as an example to his managers, supervisors, and workers, leading from the front with sheer grit, determination, and patience. Careful and difficult diplomacy with the union’s leaders eventually gave way to respect, and the Kolkata branch made a full turnaround from being the worst branch office to the best, with maximum customer satisfaction for the next six years.

With this great achievement under his belt, Mr. Singh was hand-picked by the Otis group as a potential future leader, and became the first Indian to be sent to the United States for a year-long orientation program, where he was instructed in Otis USA’s best management practices in both factory and field operations. Armed with new knowledge, he returned in 1991 and took charge of Otis India’s largest operations as general manager of the western region, leading it to greater heights by achieving first rank in all important metrics via employment involvement at all levels.

In 1995, Mr. Singh took on the role of director and country manager for Pratt & Whitney, an American aerospace manufacturer, where he led the Indian team’s campaign for the construction of jet engines for Air India aircraft. In 2000, Mr. Singh found himself at the head of yet another project – this time for a copper smelting company based in Romania. Drawing from his experience with the Otis group, he downsized the company from 9000 to 4500 members in the first six months, significantly lowering operational costs and bringing the company back into the green.

Mr. Singh returned to India in 2002 and set up the Alpenstock Consulting Pvt. Ltd., which provides loan syndication and corporate debt recasting services, and has recently made forays into wind energy. He went on to organize the Idea Xchange, a series of management talks and seminars in Mumbai, in 2009, 2011, and 2012,

A policeman before he entered AIM, Mr. Singh has always sought ways to help improve the lives of children in his native India. An active Paul Harris Fellow and a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Kolkata, he enhanced the group’s outreach programs to cover nine additional districts, and set a new record for fundraising with 50 million INR in a single year. He also made efforts to assist the poor of Mumbai with free education, meals, and women empowerment programs covering more than 5000 girls and women. Mr. Singh has also personally mentored young entrepreneurs and guided them to create their own start-ups in the areas of small scale engineering for peri-urban and rural impact. Mentoring twelve youngsters has led to the establishment of four successful enterprises.

For a man who has seemingly done it all, Mr. Singh’s tendency to lead by example is what defines him as a leader.