The Federation of AIM Alumni Associations (FAIM) held its Board of Trustees meeting last September 06, 2019 at the Golden Prince Hotel and Suites in Cebu City.

Present during the meeting were the FAIM Trustees namely: Outgoing Chairperson, Nguyen Thi Thuan, MDM 1998, Incoming Chairman, Nikhil Kamath, MBM 1998, Vice-Chairperson, Sumeth Amornjanchurit, MM 1985, Incoming FAIM Treasurer and AAAIM Chairperson, Corazon Jimenez, Trustees, Dani Firmansjah, MM 1994 and Xia Ying, MDM 2009 and Greg Atienza, MBM 1983, Secretary-General. Also, present was Anna Alegre, BMP 2015, Alumni Engagement Manager, AIM Alumni Association-Philippine Chapter (AAAIM).

Followed by a luncheon hosted by the AAAIM-Cebu Chapter President, Jun Exaltacion, EMBA 2012 and Cebu Chamber of Commerce President, Nonoy Espeleta, MBM 1991 at the Casino Espanol de Cebu, Cebu City.

After the luncheon, they also visited the office of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce where Nonoy Espeleta shared its history, accomplishments and upcoming projects. This includes the possibilities of co-hosting the Asian Business conference together with the AAAIM Cebu Chapter in 2020.

The chapter also organized and sponsored a fellowship dinner and a night of learning session featuring our FAIM Trustees as guest speakers of the event.

Kristine Kwan of the Cebu Chapter Events Committee arranged and assisted the FAIM Trustees for a whole day tour in Mactan and Cebu Twin City the next day.

It was a very hectic but enjoyable experience for our Board of Trustees.

FAIM looks forward to more business opportunities and collaboration with the AAAIM Cebu Chapter.

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