FAIM holds meeting in Bangkok

AIM alumni association chapter heads from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, and South Korea assembled last July 21, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand for the semi-annual FAIM Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting scheduled this year.

From left: Greg Atienza, MBM ‘83, FAIM Secretary-General; Diosdado Domingo, MBM ‘88, AAAIM-Philippines Chairman; Pi-Chuan Chen, MM ‘95, AIM Alumni Association-Taiwan President; Tae Sook Han, MBM ’84, FAIM Vice Chaiperson; Dani Firmansjah, MM ‘94, FAIM Chairman; Nikhil Kamath, MBM ‘98, AIM Alumni Association of India President

FAIM Chairman, Mr. Dani Firmansjah, MM ‘94 presided over the meeting. Mr. Greg Atienza, MBM ‘83, FAIM Secretary-General, discussed the agenda and gave updates about AIM and FAIM since the previous BOT meeting last March 10, 2018.

Among the highlights of the meeting were the presentation of the new FAIM website by Ms. Sherbet Manalili, BMP 2005, Indios Bravos Design Director, and the approval of Triple A Awards cycle with Awards Night at February 21, 2019.


The meeting was followed by a fellowship and networking dinner at the Amari Watergate Hotel hosted by the AIM alumni community in Thailand led by Thailand Chapter Head and Triple A Awardee Mr. Narong Chivangkur, MDP ‘82. AIM Governor and former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, graced the event.




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