FAIM Elects New Officer for 2018-2019

The Federation of AIM Alumni Associations, Inc. (FAIM), representing 14 alumni country chapters around the world held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last March 09, 2018 at the AIM campus.

Present were the heads of various FAIM chapters: Dani Firmansjah, MM”94, FAIM Chairman (Indonesia), Tae-Sook “Sugar Han”, MBM 1984, Vice Chairman (Korea), Nguyen Thi Thuan, MDM 1998 (Vietnam), Nikhil Kamath, MBM 1998 (India), Pi-Chuan Chen, MM 1995 (Taiwan), Diosdado Domingo, MBM 1988 (Philippines) and Greg Atienza, MBM 1983, Secretary General. Also present were Nataya Ouivirach, MBM 1982 and Achara Pricha, MBM 1983 from Thailand.


The members held the election of FAIM Trustees for 2018-2019 during the AGM. The following Trustees were then elected Officers for 2018-2019: Nguyen Thi Thuan, MDM 1998, Chairperson; Tae-Sook “Sugar Han”, MBM 1984, Vice Chairperson; Diosdado Domingo, MBM 1988, Treasurer; Dani Firmansjah, MM”94 (Indonesia), Nikhil Kamath, MBM 1998 (India), Pi-Chuan Chen, MM 1995 (Taiwan) continue as Trustees while Greg Atienza, MBM 1983 was reappointed FAIM Secretary-General.

During the FAIM BOT Meeting last July 21, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand FAIM Chairman, Dani Firmansjah thanked all the trustees for all the support during his Chairmanship. He wished the new officers to continue to make FAIM a better organization in the future.

DF Turnover to NTT

Last September 07, 2018, Dani Firmansjah turned over the leadership to the newly elected FAIM Chairperson, Nguyen Thi Thuan. He briefed her with the FAIM financial standing and ongoing projects. He explained some of the processes and legal documents to be submitted for FAIM.


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