The Federation of AIM Alumni Associations Inc. (FAIM) celebrates its 40th Anniversary during the Triple A Awarding ceremonies last February 21, 2019 at the AIM campus.

FAIM, as an apex organization, provides a crucial link among its alumni chapter members, and between the Institute and the alumni chapters. It promotes solidarity and camaraderie among its culturally diverse and diffused constituents through their common goal of supporting AIM and the alumni; communication and teamwork; mobilizing and sharing of resources; and networking.

During the celebration, former FAIM Chairmen were honored and given a medal as token of appreciation from FAIM.  In gratitude for the invaluable service that they have so generously shared with AIM and its community of graduates and who have contributed significantly to the vision of FAIM.

Also, the community of AIM alumni leaders showed their deepest appreciation for the silent and heroic efforts of FAIM Secretary General, Mr. Gregorio “Greg” Atienza, MBM 1983, for being the longest serving Secretary General of FAIM, who has served the federation from 2005-2019. FAIM recognized his meaningful and dedicated service in building, strengthening and uniting the AIM alumni community around the world.

As FAIM forges into the future, it will endeavor to continue to inspire, develop and maintain the interest of the alumni community in AIM, by creating lifelong connections, giving back to the Institute, maintaining close cooperation among alumni and the school, and by establishing a medium through which the alumni can support the cause to advance AIM’s eminence for future generations.

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