Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom’s name carries considerable weight, particularly in international human resource management and development, small and medium enterprise development, education, human empowerment, and leadership. Dr. Baharom’s unique talent in developing people and his attitude in paying it forward and creating a stronger foundation for tomorrow’s managers is what makes him stand out as exceptional.

As a young, talented HR manager within Malaysia’s state-owned oil company, Petroleum Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), Dr. Baharom was awarded a scholarship and sent to AIM to pursue a full-time MM program. Upon his graduation from AIM, Dr. Baharom was promoted to general manager of the HR Management and Administration division at Baram Delta Offshore Operations, a joint venture between PETRONAS and the Shell Oil Company, where his superb performance led to numerous recognitions and a one-year international attachment program at Shell’s international headquarters in The Hague. In 1993, he was sent by the PETRONAS group to train and develop supervisors, executives, and managers at PETRONAS Management Training Institute, and in 1995, Dr. Baharom was hired as academy director of Malaysia Airlines, to help ready their employees for the massive transfer of airport operations to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in 1998. During this time, Dr. Baharom introduced management development packages with University Putra Malaysia for employees, encouraging them to continue their education and strive for continuous growth.

Driven by his belief in being a “Manager Developer”, Dr. Baharom retired from Malaysia Airlines in 2009 to establish Asia HRD Congress Sdn. Bhd., an enterprise to provide business coaching, management consulting, customer service, values-based learning, and development programs. In January 2011, Dr. Baharom, a member of the General Council of Malaysian Institute of Management, was appointed to train both budding and existing managers in private companies, government agencies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and NGOs on increasing their impact, influence, and competencies while exercising values leadership. Dr. Baharom was also invited to be chairman for the National HR Standards Project n 2014, where he would perform research and develop new standards and guidelines for SMEs and companies. This project met with stellar success, leading to Dr. Baharom’s new role as Head of International Secretariat and Project Director at the International Islamic University Malaysia, where he was tasked to review and standardize the consistency of the institute’s curriculum and teaching methods, globally. In 2017, Dr. Baharom was personally invited by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak to be the CEO of Sejahtera Leadership Initiative, an interest group in support of citizen initiatives, promoting common dignity and shared values for peace and harmony, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With his graduation in Sejahtera Leadership from the University of Los Angeles in 2014, Dr. Baharom  was able to place a name to his brand of excellence. This brand of leadership emphasizes maximizing impact while minimizing cost, not only in business but also in values development  – a method proved by Dr. Baharom ’s belief in investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

In two hands, one carries the present, and the other supports the future. For Dr. Baharom , leaders not only have a responsibility to those who follow them now, but also to tomorrow’s leaders, to prepare them, mentally, professionally, and emotionally, to deal with an ever-evolving world.