The AIM alumni community in Korea has proven beyond a doubt that quantity cannot undermine quality. Despite the small number of AIM graduates in their country, the chapter fervently supports AIM programs, such as the Asian Immersion Program in Seoul in 2010, with members giving substantial personal donations for the Alumni Leadership Fund for Scholarships.

Headed by Mr. Chang Yoon “Johnny” Jeong, MBM 1980, the chapter members believe that with their support and initiatives, many more students from Korea can be enticed to enroll in AIM.


Ms. Tae Sook “Sugar’ Han, MBM’84

Officers and Members

Chang Yoon “Johnny” Jeong, MBM 1980, President
Euh Yoon Dae, MBM 1973, Member
Tae Sook “Sugar” Han, MBM 1984, Member
Hong-Soo “Henry” Lee, MM 1979, Member
Chun Jin Suk, MBM 1979, Member
Hyun Oh “Mikael” Cho, MBM 1985, Member