In 1971, a prominent student body was established at AIM with Arturo Macapagal as president. Following their batch’s graduation, the need to stay organized and in contact was evident, and so the class of MBM 1971 founded the first AIM Alumni Association with Mr. Macapagal as the first chairman, however, it was not until 1981 that the organization was formally recognized.

During its incorporation, AAAIM defined its mission: to promote AIM’s educational objectives, to refine the learnings of its members, to contribute to Asia’s economic development, and to create a tight-knit community of alumni.

As of 2013, the AAAIM has been granted a seat on the AIM Board of Trustees, and works hand-in-hand with the Alumni Relations Office to streamline common projects. Today, AAAIM has strategic chapters in Manila, Baguio, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao and has been active in promoting its relationship with alumni, through activities, services, events, communication and networking.


Mr. Diosdado “Dads” Domingo, MBM 1988
Chairman, Alumni Association of AIM, Inc.

  4/F, Lopez Hall, AIM Conference Center,
Benavidez cor., Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229, Philippines
  +632 892-4011 local 2616-2617

AAAIM-Philippines Board of Directors 2018-2019 

AAAIM-Philippines Past Chairmen

1972-1974    Arturo R. Macapagal, MBM 1971
1974-1975    Ramon C. Enrile III, MDP 1972
1975-1976    Ramoncito Z. Abad, MBM 1973
1976-1980    Jose Ma. Emmanuel J. Fernandez, MBM 1973
1980-1981    Antonio S. Valdes, MM 1977
1981-1983    Roberto V. Garcia, MBM 1973
1983-1984    Amelia B. Cabal, MDP 1978
1984-1985    Philip E. Juico, MBM, 1973
1985-1986    Andrew S. Ong, MBM 1975
1986-1988    Herminio B. Coloma, MBM 1978
1988-1990    Rosauro V. Sibal, MM 1977
1990-1992    Andrew Z. Gaston, MBM 1970
1992-1993    Jesli A. Lapus, MBM 1973
1993-1994    Roland U. Young, MBM 1974
1994-1995    Ramon J. Farolan, MM 1975
1995-1996    Bernadette P. Lomotan, MBM 1974
1996-1997    Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr., MBM 1971
1997-1998    Guillermo L. Parayno, Jr., MBM 1977
1998-1999    Jose Ma. Emmanuel J. Fernandez, MBM 1973
1999-2000    Renato S. Martinez, MM 1996
2000-2001    Bienvenido M. Araw II, MBM 1973
2001-2002    Laarni J. Goseco, MBM 1989
2002-2003    Felipe R. Diego, MBM 1973
2003-2004    Eduardo L. Banaga, MBM 1979
2004-2005    Teodoro R. Villanueva, MBM 1973
2005-2006    Alex F. Tanwangco, MBM 1973
2006-2007    Ricardo S. Pascua, MBM 1971
2007-2008    Ramon M. de Vera, MBM 1973
2008-2009    Gabriel M. Paredes, MBM 1972
2009-2010    Ofelia Odilao-Bisnar, MBM 1989
2010-2011    Joselito G. Yabut, MBM 1979
2011-2012    Eustacio B. Orobia, Jr., MBM 1971
2012-2013    Eduardo N. Sison, MBM 1973
2013-2014    Augusto Antonio C. Serafica, Jr., MBM 1991
2014-2015    Rowena Palmiery-Bayoneta, MBM 1992
2015-2016    Francisco Bernardo III, MBM 1993
2016-2018    Gregorio Atienza, MBM 1983