From its humble beginnings of having seven members, the AIM Alumni Association of Canada (AIM AAC) has risen to a considerable position today. A tele-update campaign organized by Alex Ramos (BMP 1989) and spearheaded by Maria Sanchez (MBM 1999) in 2005 led many alumni to want to form an alumni chapter, and, with the support of then AIM President Roberto de Ocampo and former chairman and CEO of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Mr. Cedric Ritchie, AIM AAC’s website was published in 2006.

As the group found new members, so did these new members increase AIM AAC’s network, extending from Ontario to Quebec, to British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Mr. Herme de Vera (MBM 1970) and his wife Amelia Arteficio-de Vera (MBM 1972) collaborated with Desiree Boteros (MM 1998) to set a meeting in British Columbia, which Mr. Gabby Franco (MBM 1977), representative of Alberta, and Chibu Uson (MBM 1982), representative of Manitoba, attended. Since that fateful meeting, the chapter has steadily grown in number and seeks new paths to bolster its ranks, such as finding students involved in AIM’s exchange program, who in turn provide many opportunities for AIM AAC.

The chapter has also sought to promote AIM in its home country. In cooperation with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the main accrediting body for Canadian business schools, the AIM AAC seeks to create stronger links in its network. Today, the organization seeks potential partnerships with other AIM Alumni Associations in North America and other alumni groups from Asian business schools.


Mr.  John Jesus S. Veloso, MBM’83
President, AIM Alumni Association Canada

10 Glen Stewart Ave., Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M4E 1P7
647-293-2953  |  (905) 824 3236

Past Chairmen/Officers

John Veloso, MBM 1983, Past Chair
Maria Sanchez, MBM 1999, Chairperson
Alex Ramos, BMP 1989, Vice Chairperson
Hasan Akhtar, MM 1999, Secretary
Marilen Patricio, MBM 1986, Treasurer
Amiel dela Cruz, MBM 1978, Business Manager
John Lai, MBM 1980, Operations
Rajiv Gulati, MBM 1983, Membership
Amiel Vinci I. Dela Cruz, MBM 1978, Representative