On November 24, 2012, four AIM alumni met in Sydney to discuss the possibility of organizing a chapter in Australia. Undaunted by their small numbers, their ranks grew as more meetings were held and prominent figures came forward to support them. The AIM Alumni Relations Office also assisted by providing Adie Gupta (MBM 1998) a list of AIM graduates in Australia to aid the group in contacting fellow alumni.

FAIM Chairman Dennis Firmansjah (MM 1994), visited the group in 2013 and offered the support of the Federation of AIM Alumni. Present during the informal meeting were Adie Gupta, Benito Lopez (MBM 1997), Daraius Bilimoria (MBM 1985), Mark Antonio (MBM 1998), Michael Yap (MBM 1997), Rolando Echevarria (MM 1997), Tony Celis (MM 1987) and Sudath Amaratunga (BMP 1993).

Adie Gupta was nominated and elected as the president of the chapter during that meeting. With regular gatherings and several wide-scoped plans drawn up, the future looks very bright for the chapter.