The AIM Alumni Association Bangladesh (AAAB) organized a reception party last July 31, 2019, in Button Rouge Restaurant, Dhaka. It was well attended by 15 alumni members.

Convener Anwar Chowdhury, MM 1998 was applauded and recognized for winning the Movers & Shakers Award of the Asia HRD Awards 2019 held in Malaysia.

Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed, MDM 1997 chaired the reception meeting. They also discussed their next activity “Family Day” where all alumni members are encouraged to bring their family and join the event. It will be held either the last week of December or the first week of January in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Md. Ashraf Ali, PDM 2011 will spearhead this project with the objectives of strengthening family ties and building strong bonds among spouses and children.

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