AIM AAI Bangalore Chapter organised Fireside Chat event on Dec 14, 2019, with Abhishek Dhingra (Founder of Mr. Pronto) and Divya Jagadesh (Founder of Waffle Stories). The event was hosted by Athia Tahzeeb. The talk was initially planned for 45 mins but we extended it to more than an hour to accommodate the Participant questions.

Abhishek got the Idea and Inspiration at AIM for Mr. Pronto. Divya also got her inspiration for waffle stories when finding vegetarian food became difficult at AIM. It was inspiring to learn how they both overcame the challenges they faced with their first store and turned it into a success. We touched upon topics of Resource Management, Scaling beyond a single region, Effect of online aggregators, Impact of print and digital marketing, protecting customer data using technology, and how they attract young customers.

As for their vision for future, Abhishek is looking to expand at min 3 stores per year and Divya is looking to expand into Tier two cities. Those interested to open a waffle franchise please get in touch with her.

Special shoutout to Neha and Prady who came to support Abhishek and Divya. Thank you for all the participants who came for the event. Look out for announcements for our next event.

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