Mr. Adille Sumariwalla, MDP 2001 and EMBA 2004, is a man of extraordinary discipline and talent who believes in leading from the frontlines, and that with discipline and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

After graduating from AIM with an MDP in 2001 and an EMBA in 2004, Mr. Sumariwalla channeled his professional interests into enterprises. A member of the illustrious Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. for over 15 years, Mr. Sumariwalla’s career branched out into advertising companies, most notably with Mid Day Multimedia and Clear Channel, for whom he acquired seven FM radio stations as an AIM project. Mr. Sumariwalla worked hand-in-hand with government agencies to regulate and bring best practices to the Indian advertising industry, a field described as “unorganized, unregulated, unethical, fragmented, and unprotected”. Mr. Sumariwalla has since gone to establish InterSpace Communications Pvt Limited, his own outdoor advertising company, with Mr. Noel Tata of the Tata group as financial partner.

Mr. Sumariwalla’s achievements in advertising have led to numerous accolades, such as the Brand Excellence in BFSI Sector in 2017 and Effective Brand Communication Agency of the Year for InterSpace Communications from the 7th and 8th CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing, Singapore, the Innovation of the Year and Best Format Innovation of the Year from the Outdoor Advertising Convention, India, and the Most Admired Customer Engaged Brand and Experiential Marketing Campaign of the Year from the Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards, India.

In spite of his numerous professional endeavours, Mr. Sumariwalla has always set time aside to help in community service projects. A former Olympian renowned for representing India in the 1980 Moscow Olympics where he competed as a 100m runner, and a recipient of a total of 17 medals in international competitions, Mr. Sumariwalla established the Olympians Association of India, which supplements the athletic and academic education of talented youth at sports institutions. He also founded the Athletes Welfare Association of India to safeguard the rights of the country’s professional athletes. His athletic prowess and giving spirit has led to the Indian government appointing Mr. Sumariwalla as a leading member of the Fit India Movement, a national initiative to encourage people to remain healthy through the addition of outdoor activities and sports in their everyday lives. During the 50th Congress of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), he was elected as one of the members of the council, the becoming the first Indian in the governing body.

Mr. Sumariwalla believes that being on the frontlines is the key to successful leadership. By pursuing excellence and professionalism in all facets of his life and always leading the way, he demonstrates that anyone can be a leader – it simply takes discipline and perseverance.