On behalf of the Federation of AIM Alumni Associations, Inc. (FAIM), our heartfelt congratulations to all Triple A Awardees for this 2019-2020 awards cycle. FAIM likewise congratulates all nominators, be they individual alumni or batch nominators and the like, who exerted earnest  efforts in comprehensively   documenting  and making the case for why their nominee is deserving of the Triple A.  Kudos as well  to the various country chapters without whose screening and endorsement processes  no nomination will progress.  Finally, FAIM thanks the several  layers of non-conflicted, impartial screeners and judges who have painstakingly and fairly  navigated  through eight (8) gigabytes worth of nomination documents  and hours of animated deliberations, like case discussions, to finally refine, shortlist and determine the final set of Awardees. The judging at the FAIM international level is the zenith of a bottoms-up, regional alumni activity that enlivens the alumni network and gives visibility to the AIM brand.

The Triple A Awards thus continues to remind all of the regional networking activities and presence of the AIM Alumni network through  FAIM as its umbrella organization and point of continuity and institutional memory.  To reiterate,  the Triple A is the highest alumni  recognition given jointly by FAIM and our alma mater AIM to its outstanding alumni.  The Triple A awards continue to reaffirm, concretize, and personalize AIM’s standard of excellence, now  a half-century young as well.  The Triple A  Awards and Awardees are living proof of AIM’s continuing mission in sustaining the growth of Asian societies by developing competent, professional, socially-responsible and excellent leaders and managers.  And although the Awards is 41 years old this year, only  146 alumni thus far have been bestowed this recognition.  Any AIM alumnus can stay connected by being involved in the Triple A processes performed year-on-year  by the country chapter.

To keep pace with the alumni needs of being in touch and staying connected, FAIM has developed a new credo:

“Reconnect + Re-energize + Revitalize = Resurgent FAIM”

Under the aegis of this new Credo, am pleased to inform that the following events took place in the 

6 month period (September 2019 to February 2020)

  • Networking and Fellowship between the FAIM Board of Trustees and the Cebu AIM Alumni Chapter at Cebu in September 2019
  • The FAIM Chair was invited to address the Kelab AIM Alumni Malaysia AGM on “FAIM-The Road Ahead” in Kuala Lumpur in September 2019.
  • The Hanoi Leadership Tour in November 2019 led by the Philippine and Vietnam chapters
  • The Cambodia AIM Alumni Chapter was established in Phnom Penh in November 2019 in the presence of the FAIM Chair.
  • The FAIM Chair was invited by SAIMA (Singapore AIM Alumni Network) to speak on “FAIM – The Road ahead” in December 2019.
  • The FAIM Chair also visited Jakarta on the invitation of the IAAIMI to talk about “Resurgent FAIM” in January 2020
  • AAATC (AIM Alumni Association of Thailand) hosted a well -attended conference in Bangkok on February 01 2020. The Topic “ Winning Strategies for your Business in the Disruptive Future”.

We invite all AIM Alumni to stay globally connected.  Simply visit our FAIM website at www.aimalumni.org   which is common home for all the country chapters’ mini websites.  And to like our official FB page  @aimalumni.org  to keep updated with the latest with alumni tours, business and leadership conferences and networking, how to help AIM, and other exciting activities that will add value to your being an AIM Alumnus and belonging to a regional alumni network.   These are part and parcel of our continuing efforts towards  a Resurgent FAIM !

FAIM Chairman