On behalf of the FAIM Board of Trustees, Happy Lunar New Year, Happy 50th Anniversary AIM and Happy 40th Anniversary for our Federation of AIM Alumni Associations Inc. (FAIM)!

Indeed, it is a time to celebrate. We fondly recall with thanksgiving the generous, voluntary work and the milestones achieved by all previous FAIM Chairs, Boards, Officers and Chapter Heads. FAIM advances only because we are able to build on the foundation left by all our esteemed predecessors. The aggregate FAIM efforts with regional FAIM activities like Business and Leadership Conferences, tours, and chapter development sorties have all helped extend the FAIM umbrella to now 14 countries covering 31 city chapters. There are more country chapters in the pipeline and are set for establishment in the next few years.

In a special way we acknowledge the long-running efforts of FAIM in tandem with AIM in sustaining the AIM Alumni Achievement Awards (Triple A), which is likewise celebrating its 40th Anniversary. The Triple A Awards is the first regional activity of FAIM. The Triple A is the highest recognition given jointly by FAIM and AIM to its outstanding alumni. Now at 40 years young, the Triple A Award is one of alumni peer-recognition. We thank all nominators and judges for their earnest efforts on documenting and recognizing alumni gamechangers who make a difference in their respective spheres of influence, now typically regional in reach. The Triple A Awards continue to reaffirm, concretize and personalize, AIM’s standard of excellence, now a half-century young as well. The Triple A Awards and Awardees are living proof of AIM’s mission in sustaining the growth of Asian societies by developing competent, professional, socially-responsible and excellent leaders and managers. Congratulations to all our Awardees!

It is also a time to recommit ourselves to better alumni community-building and networking. New connection tools and opportunities are available. Hence, we invite all to stay globally connected. Simply visit our FAIM website at www.aimalumni.org which is home for all the country chapters’ mini-websites. And to “Like” our Official Facebook page www.facebook.com/aimalumni.org to keep updated with the latest with alumni tours, business and leadership conferences and networking, how to help AIM, and other exciting activities that add value to your being an AIM alumnus.

To all AIM Alumni let us keep the leadership fire burning brightly the next 40 years and beyond.

FAIM Chairman