Greetings fellow alumni!

The Federation of AIM Alumni (FAIM), a consortium of AIM Alumni Associations around the world commemorates its 40th anniversary this 2018.

As graduates of the Asian Institute of Management, we are unified by the very principles we have learned from our school: the pursuit of excellence, the commitment towards the sustainable progress of our societies, and the development of socially responsible leaders.

We are united by our outstanding education in our prestigious school, by our common experiences in the case rooms, by our goals in improving our respective societies and making a positive difference in the lives of the communities that we live in.

Through this new website, we hope to unite all members of our global alumni network by fostering business networking, chapter development, FAIM events and the recognition of our outstanding graduates. We invite our more than 43,000 AIM graduates from around the world to come together as one, as we celebrate our solidarity through One AIM Alumni.

Let our leadership be felt.

FAIM Chairman