In photo are (from right to left); Dr. Heh-Song Wang, Michael Hsu (MM 1991), Patrick Hsiao (MM 1990, Ex-President), John Yang (MM 1994, Honorary President ), David Chang (MM 1993, Triple A Awardee), Tzy-Hao Chang (MM 1997), Wei-Han Mo (MM 1991, Triple A Awardee), T. C. Lee (MBM 1973, Triple A Awardee) and P. C. Chen (MM 1995, Triple A Awardee and AIM Alumni Taiwan Chapter President).

AIM Alumni Taiwan organized a Year-End Party last December 20, 2019. The chapter celebrates and congratulates Mr. Tzy-Hao Chang, MM 1997 for his promotion to a key position in Taiwan’s Finance Supervisory Commission.

Aside from the get-together, the event was held to honor and thank Dr. Heh-Song Wang for all his support and guidance in the Taiwan chapter. Dr. Wang has been the panelist for MRR of most AIM alumni of Taiwan from 1988 to 1995.

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