AAAIM Philippines courtesy visit to Garrucho and Kang

Last July 26, 2018, the Alumni Association of AIM-Philippines (AAAIM) paid a courtesy visit to AIM Chairman Peter Garrucho and AIM President and Dean Jikyeong Kang.

In attendance were AAAIM Chairman Dads Domingo, MBM 1988, Vice-Chair Coratec Jimenez, MDM 2002, Directors Frechie Nieva, MDP 2014, Maritz Luna, MM 2002, Greg Atienza, MBM 1983, Ofel Odilao-Bisnar, MBM 1988, Jomai Parroco, MM 1987 and Sr. Consol Manding, MDM 1994.

AAAIM discussed alumni projects in line with AIM’s 50th anniversary, possible joint undertakings between the Institute and AAAIM with regard to alumni engagement and student recruitment, and alumni concerns with Garucho and Kang.

With AAAIM’s commitment to fully support AIM’s effort to sustain and enhance leadership in Graduate Management Education and concern for governance and sound financial practice, the Association can greatly help AIM in its battle cry to lead, inspire and transform organizations.



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