AAAIM 1st Batch Leaders Assembly

More than 40 AIM alumni representing their respective batches participated in the AAAIM-initiated 1st Batch Leaders Assembly held last September 13, 2018 at the Asian Institute of Management.

The Assembly started with Ofelia Odilao-Bisnar, MBM 1988, Former Chairperson and Current Director of AAAIM welcoming the alumni and serving as the emcee of the event. She thanked the leaders for their participation and attendance in the Assembly.


AAAIM Chairman Dads Domingo, MBM 1988 introduced the members of the Board and explained the purpose of the assembly. The assembly was convened to secure the opinions and buy in of the alumni community for strategic changes in the alumni associations. Domingo said that through the efforts of AAAIM and the Batch Leaders, the goal of having a more engaged alumni base will be achieved.


Mr. Greg Atienza, Chairman of the Membership Committee and immediate past AAAIM Chairman, appealed to alumni leaders to heed their responsibility as co-owners of AIM. He further explained the objectives of the Batch Assembly and its role in the organizational structure of AAAIM. The concept of the assembly is the representation of the batch being made available directly to the AAAIM Board.


A “Batch Representative” is chosen to represent the batch and is willing to be nominated to serve in the AAAIM Board of Directors. The association formed the assembly to inform and engage alumni with accurate and immediate information and to consult batch representatives on developments with the school and projects of the Association. He revealed that the AIM Batch Leaders Assembly will be the first of many quarterly meetings between the AAAIM and the Batch Leaders.

All the alumni leaders present will play a key role in ensuring that this endeavor succeeds.




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