For Mr. Shih-Chi Chang, the three keys to management are hard work, determination, and discipline, and that a good leader must exemplify these virtues to inspire those below him. A consummate professional in the field of construction management, Mr. Chang’s 37 years of experience have cemented him as a solid, steady leader.

In his more than three decades in the construction industry, Mr. Chang has long exemplified a determined commitment to the betterment of the institutions he has been connected with, particularly Overseas Engineering & Construction Co., LTDA. S.A. (OECC).

After graduating from AIM in 1993, the Mr. Chang was assigned by his former company, RSEA, to take the lead as the Chief of the Engineering Department under the joint venture of RSEA (Taiwan) and Hutama-Karya (Indonesia) for the flagship project, the Metro Manila Skyway Project Stage 1. In addition to his responsibility as Chief Engineer, Mr. Chang was also assigned to head the Planning Department of the same venture. His performance was exemplary during the five-year period from 1996-2000, with an integrated and well-coordinated teamwork between the two departments involving contract administrators, planners, engineers, quantity surveyors, cost engineers, procurement and subletting officers, and CAD designers. His leadership skills contributed to the timely completion of the project, whose main objective was to mitigate the impact of heavy traffic in Metro Manila.

In 2001, he was assigned as vice president of Overseas Engineering & Construction Co. in Haiti, and was in charge of completing the $228 million worth of infrastructure projects over the next 13 years. During his term, he oversaw the completion of various projects, ranging from roads, bridges, and low-cost housing to government buildings and private facilities. When he was handed the reins to the company’s St. Vincent, Grenadines, and Guatemala operations, he guided the completion of the Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent, helping the country jumpstart its economy. Present during the Haiti earthquake of 2010, Mr. Chang generously offered his experience and took the lead in directing Taiwanese relief operations, through the Taiwan Red Cross, Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, and the Taiwan Medical Group.

Working in a hostile environment did not deter Mr. Chang from pursuing his goals. Through his persistent intervention as Vice President of OECC, the challenges and opportunities confronting his company resulted in an increase in resources for the successful operation of the overseas projects. His determination to push through the fledgling project starting with its conceptualization, followed by its implementation, and through sheer perseverance in getting the approval of the institutions to award the project to OECC has provided the company with many contracts in various aspects of construction. In addition, his acute leadership has also enabled Taiwan to maintain good diplomatic relationships with the countries he has been involved with, as Mr. Chang has nurtured deep, meaningful relationships with the government agencies and the business communities.

Acclaimed by his colleagues for being hard-working yet adaptable, David’s unique brand of humble, dedicated service is a shining beacon of a leader who leads by example.